Heely Brown Company Integrates Geotab & Whip Around as a One-Stop Shop for Commercial Carrier Needs

Heely Brown Company

Key highlights include: Widespread company adoption thanks to the easy-to-use platform, integrated with Geotab to increase both customer and driver satisfaction, and identifying problems early has resulted in significantly less vehicle downtime.

Introducing Heely Brown Company

Established in 1939 in Atlanta, Heely Brown Company quickly outgrew its humble beginnings to become a staple company for the roofing industry in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. What was once a simple shop on Greenwood Avenue has expanded to nine locations and a fleet of 35 vehicles throughout the southeastern United States. As the company continues to grow, safety remains a top priority, with Safety Director Alan Hall responsible for ensuring compliance with all safety regulations and running the fleet at maximum efficiency.

The Challenge for Heely Brown Company

As a successful roofing company, Heely Brown understands the importance of adapting to change and embracing technology. For the fleet industry in particular, technology is increasingly critical to adhere to compliance requirements and track assets, which Heely Brown realized when paper trails had become too chaotic to efficiently operate a fleet. For example, Heely Brown was ahead of the game in identifying the pitfalls of using paper logs and decided to begin testing electronic logging device (ELD) providers two years before required. 

Heely Brown puts an enormous emphasis on customer satisfaction — a characteristic that has made the company a staple in the roofing supply industry for 80 years. And in terms of company values, right up there with keeping customers satisfied is compliance and driver safety. A workplace culture based on these values results in employees who are safe, happy and productive — and that’s where Whip Around comes in.

A Culture Based on Safety & Compliance

Since its implementation, Whip Around fleet maintenance software has significantly improved the safety of vehicles and increased driver accountability with Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR). The app streamlines the inspection process, allowing drivers to complete DVIRs much easier and faster. Heely Brown can now address potential maintenance problems by having more eyes on the inspection process of their trucks. 

Whip Around also provides real-time alerts to mechanics and safety directors when issues arise, guaranteeing that drivers are not operating unsafe vehicles and preventing small problems from becoming major issues. This has resulted in less downtime for its fleet, safer operations, and a team of drivers that is consistently compliant, safe and happy.

Amplifying Performance Through Integrations

As Heely Brown turned to Whip Around for fleet maintenance, they also integrated Geotab as fleet management software to create a one-stop shop for all their commercial carrier needs. 

Implementing Geotab has made a drastic improvement in customer satisfaction. The software offers real-time updates on delivery times, which has allowed the company to better serve customers and improve its overall reputation in the industry. With Geotab, Heely Brown has been able to optimize their routes, resulting in more efficient operations, significant cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Since implementing Geotab and Whip Around, Alan Hall notes that Heely Brown has become a “one-stop shop” for their needs as a commercial carrier, making his job easier by providing him with key information in real time. Hall recommends both Geotab and Whip Around to other companies because of the user-friendly platform and increased visibility of the fleet. 

“Above all, the most significant benefit of using Geotab and Whip Around is that the business and all those involved have been able to monitor the fleet,” Hall said. “Most importantly, Heely Brown Company has been able to ensure compliance in all areas as a commercial carrier.”

Looking Ahead

Thanks to implementing these tools, Heely Brown is well positioned for continued success in the industry. While still early in the implementation of Whip Around and Geotab, Heely Brown already sees benefits from integrating both technologies without any disruption to its daily operations or extensive training for mechanics and drivers thanks to the easy-to-use platforms. 

As a result of their positive experience with Whip Around and Geotab, Heely Brown is happy to recommend both technologies to other transportation companies. The easy implementation and user-friendly platforms make for a great integrated solution for companies of all sizes and industries. 

Whether you are looking to improve maintenance processes, increase fleet efficiency or enhance safety and compliance, Whip Around and Geotab offer a comprehensive solution that addresses all those needs.