Verizon Connect REVEAL

Track vehicles in the field, improve worker productivity and encourage safer driving with Verizon Connect fleet platforms. Choose from a range of customizable GPS fleet management system solutions that offer dashboards, reports and alerts.

Verizon Connect + Whip Around

Integrate with Verizon Connect to surface important information where it's needed

Our two-way Verizon Connect integration makes it easy to sync vehicles, and capture mileage and location data within Whip Around without breaking your existing workflows
Import Your Vehicles

Save time by automatically importing all of your vehicles from one solution and have them connect and share data.

Record Mileage Accurately

Automatically record mileage from Verizon Reveal and save this against every Whip Around report.

Track Your Vehicles

Sync mileage and GPS location data between the two systems to gain confidence across your fleet.