Geotab Fleet Management Software

Manage your entire fleet from one open platform

Geotab + Whip Around

We've integrated with Geotab to streamline compliance and maintenance alerts. Our two-way Geotab integration makes it easy to sync vehicles, capture mileage, location data, and engine faults within Whip Around without breaking your existing workflows.

Get Automatic Odometer and Engine Hour Readings

Odometer and engine hour readings automatically sync with Whip Around to trigger mileage reports and maintenance schedules.

Trigger Alerts for Missed Inspections on Moving Vehicles

Know as soon as a vehicle is moving and is missing a DVIR or has an active fault with email alerts and push notifications to your phone.

Manage Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and Engine Faults
Get email notifications on new engine faults and generate work orders to be sent to mechanics for quick repairs.
Access the Whip Around DVIR App From Geotab Drive

Drivers can access the Whip Around app from within Geotab Drive to streamline their daily reporting process.