Indiana Sign & Barricade Saves $100,000 per Year in Reduced Downtime

Indiana Sign & Barricade

Key highlights include: Eliminated paper-based processes, increased visibility into their fleet operations, and saving $100,000 per year in reduced downtime.

About ISB

Indiana Sign & Barricade (ISB) is a roadsafe safety company located in Indianapolis that serves the community with traffic control and as a pavement marking provider. As a trusted leader in traffic control and pavement markings with over 75 combined years of dedicated service, ISB serves as a pre-qualified subcontractor with INDOT, the State of Indiana, City of Indianapolis, and various municipalities, towns, and counties. It has nearly 100 pieces of equipment ranging from trucks to forklifts and other equipment that it manages through Whip Around.

The Challenge for ISB

Before implementing Geotab and Whip Around technologies, ISB was behind the times and needed a new strategy to maximize profit. The ISB team managed their fleet operations through paper, which was highly inefficient, causing delays and errors. Fleet manager Scott Fischer explains, “we were spending a lot of time and resources manually tracking and recording inspections and repairs, which often led to delays and errors in our operations.” Tracking all documents or records on paper is messy and unreliable. Especially in an industry with such heavy regulations. 

In addition to the inefficiencies the company experienced, the paper trail indirectly affected ISB’s response time and asset visibility. Vehicles stayed in downtime longer than necessary, costing the organization $1,000 per unit every year.

Implementing Geotab and Whip Around to Drive Efficiencies

To streamline operations and increase efficiency, ISB decided to invest in key fleet management and maintenance software. For fleet management, ISB implemented Geotab, which provides onboard diagnostics and asset tracking. As for fleet maintenance, ISB invested in Whip Around, a leading software provider for inspections and repairs. By integrating both of these tools, ISB was able to eliminate paper-based processes and increase visibility into their fleet operations. Since implementing both of these solutions, ISB has been able to go from being 100% paper-reliant to now less than 25%; moving the majority of its operations to digital processes.

In addition to gaining efficiencies by digitizing its operations, ISB was also able to reduce its fleet’s downtime when it came to repairs and maintenance. Before implementing the technologies, it took ISB an average of 12 days to correct defects fleet-wide. After the integration, the company has been able to reduce this time to around 3 days. Overall the company has been able to save $1,000 per unit over a year due to reduced downtime. 

One of the other major improvements that ISB has experienced is in communication, visibility, and overall productivity. “With Geotab, we’re able to track our assets in real-time and reroute them as needed to get more productivity daily,” says Fischer. “And with Whip Around, our mechanics love the instant feedback they get on inspections and repairs, which has helped us keep our fleet in tip-top shape.” Better communication has enabled quick response times, and real-time tracking has enabled better visibility over assets; allowing the company to re-route assets and increase productivity. “These tools have been a game-changer for us,” he says. “We’ve seen significant improvements in our operations, productivity, and cost savings since implementing Geotab and Whip Around, and I’m confident that other companies would see similar benefits.”

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