Mazza Recycling improves safety score, fleet uptime and overall productivity of its 200+ asset fleet with Whip Around and Samsara

Mazza Recycling

Key highlights include: Went from 'red' to 'green' safety core after implementing Whip Around, improved fleet uptime and productivity, and created a safety culture across the company.

About Mazza Recycling

Mazza Recycling is a family-owned and operated business specializing in waste & recycling services in New Jersey, as well as roll off and front end dumpster rentals for use in commercial or residential projects. As a leading waste and recycling company in the tri-state area, Mazza offers  cost-effective solutions that are environmentally friendly, safe, and hassle-free, and takes a client-centric approach.

The Challenge for Mazza Recycling

For years, management at Mazza Recycling relied on JJKeller carbon copy forms to manage its fleet of over 200+ assets, including trucks, rolloffs and other equipment across 3 different facilities in New Jersey. “We saw a lot of finger pointing between our shop and our drivers when it came to maintaining our fleet. It was easy to do that when everything was done on paper, causing a lot of internal conflict and loss of productivity,” described Christopher Bergacs, director of environmental health and safety at Mazza. 

In 2019, Mazza was audited by the FMCSA for crash indicators and vehicle maintenance. Its inspection score was at “must inspect”, putting them in the red and resulting in their fleet being constantly inspected – which meant a lot of extra work for everyone including Bergacs. 80% of other carriers were safer than Mazza at the time, which was a catalyst in the transformation it has since implemented.

Ushering a new era: “Simply Stupid Safety”

With his eyes set on creating a safer and more efficient fleet for Mazza, Bergacs and his team implemented both telematics and fleet maintenance software solutions, selecting Whip Around and Samsara. “The dashcams overnight fixed our drivers’ reckless driving and Whip Around helped us manage our equipment a lot better, including inspections, preventative maintenance and work order management.” 

Bergacs implemented a new motto across the company – “Simply Stupid Safety”. This behavioral based safety tool has enabled them to put forward simple solutions for the drivers to use, like Whip Around, to enable them to improve their overall safety and performance. Since implementing this new program, Mazza’s inspection score has since moved into the green and has since seen significant improvements in equipment uptime, maintenance costs and overall reduction in time spent on managing DOT compliance. 

It was important to Mazza Recycling that the software solutions implemented be as simple as possible to ensure all of its staff – regardless of tech-savviness and language skills – were able to adopt it. “We tried Whip Around at no cost at first and it was by far the easiest solution in the market. Once I showed my staff (drivers, shop employees and management) how to use it, they didn’t need extra training. It was very intuitive,” said Bergacs. Even employees whose first language is not English, are now able to easily take a picture of issues, point to them and communicate them seamlessly with the shop.

Since rolling out Whip Around, Mazza’s shop mechanics’ and drivers’ relationships have improved dramatically. Communication has improved significantly and Whip Around has enabled more transparency. Shop mechanics are able to easily keep track of what they need to be working on, supervisors can see when defects are reported and when they are fixed, costs are easily tracked, and management receives real-time reports of where the fleet stands everyday. 

“Whip Around helped us create personalized reports so we could receive notifications everyday at specific times to keep track of where everything stands. That’s how we’re able to drive adoption and accountability from executive management all the way down to the drivers and supervisors.” 

Bergacs added that one of the company’s goals is to serve its local communities in the most environmentally friendly way, while maximizing its profits. Whip Around has helped Mazza keep its trucks and equipment on the road longer, in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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