ONSITE Commercial Enjoys Significant Uptime Improvements Across its Fleet

ONSITE Commercial

Key highlights include: A dramatic positive change in workplace culture and driver attitudes, improved uptime and significant cost reduction, and early issue detection preventing costly repairs.

About ONSITE Commercial

ONSITE Commercial, a quality paving and commercial drilling company based in California, is proud to serve its community with honest hard work, dedication and excellent customer service. Despite the company’s proven track record, ONSITE Commercial was facing some challenges with its fleet management before discovering Whip Around and Geotab.

Let’s look at their subsequent transformation.

The Challenge for ONSITE Commercial

As the Fleet Manager for ONSITE Commercial, Peter Acosta was presented with the daunting task of ensuring that all of the company’s vehicles and equipment were properly maintained. With a growing fleet of 28 vehicles and a variety of machines, he knew this would be quite a challenge. 

“It has been chaotic and frustrating to keep track of all the vehicles as well as equipment,” Acosta said. 

Overall, he was looking to improve the fleet’s performance and reduce costs while managing a group of employees and drivers. In his role, Acosta must hold 22 drivers accountable for completing Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and other vehicle maintenance tasks. Educating drivers and ensuring they understand their job is imperative to his success. 

However, workplace culture can be very difficult to manage, particularly when there has been a significant change in management, which was the case for ONSITE. Issues like speeding tickets, excessive fuel consumption and decreased driver compliance had started to materialize. 

Finding the Right Solution

Just about anyone can be a fleet manager, but not everyone can be a fleet leader. It requires strategic thinking and innovative solutions, such as artfully deploying specific technologies to create a better fleet. Acosta displayed those leadership qualities with his decision to integrate Whip Around and Geotab, which has resulted in significant improvements to his fleet’s performance. 

Whip Around’s software keeps him up to date on all his vehicles and equipment, providing data and alerts that result in his assets being serviced regularly and properly. On the flip side, Geotab provides real-time updates on additional data points to achieve an even greater level of monitoring and maintenance. The integration of these technologies has resulted in improved visibility of drivers and an increased ability to hold them accountable, which has led to greater compliance and safety outcomes.

Getting Results

ONSITE Commercial considers the shift in workplace culture a major accomplishment. Since the implementation of Whip Around and Geotab, drivers have consistently displayed a more positive attitude and a better understanding of their jobs. Both technologies have increased alertness and awareness among drivers. 

“Drivers now understand the importance of properly maintaining their vehicles and equipment, leading to improved uptime of the fleet,” Acosta said. “The improved workplace culture has had a ripple effect on the business as a whole, resulting in a reduction in speeding tickets, improved customer satisfaction and more successful projects.” 

Ultimately, a few key ingredients — including the right software solutions and the resulting improved workplace culture — have led to remarkable outcomes for ONSITE Commercial. The company has enjoyed improved uptime, reduced costs on expensive repairs, and enhanced driver reliability and performance. By staying on top of their vehicle and equipment maintenance, they’ve identified potential problems early to prevent costly repairs down the line. 

The integration of Whip Around and Geotab has been a smart move for ONSITE Commercial. Just ask Peter Acosta, who was able to achieve his goals and continue growing in his role as a fleet leader.

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