WHCI Supply saves 2+ hours per day with Whip Around's eDVIR solution

WHCI Supply

Key highlights include: 15 trucks for deliveries, 1.5-2.5 hrs saved everyday with Whip Around’s eDIVR solution, part of the 400+ Hajoca profit center network

About WHCI Supply

WHCI Supply is a leading supplier of plumbing supplies, kitchen, bath and lighting fixtures that has 5 locations including two showrooms with over 15,000 SKUs of products. It operates 15 trucks to deliver its products to its customers. WHCI Supply is part of Hajoca, a network of over 400 profit centers that specialize in providing plumbing, heating and industrial supplies.

The Challenge for WHCI Supply

Olivia Gonsalves, profit center manager at WHCI Supply, manages the company’s 15 delivery trucks and oversees an operation of 75+ people. Those trucks need to be inspected daily in order for the company to stay compliant with the DOT and to maintain the company’s high safety standards. Before Whip Around, WHCI drivers used paper forms to manually keep track of inspections, which was very inefficient. 

“I don’t like paper. When we used paper forms it was hard to keep track of whether inspections had been performed, what issues were found and whether those issues were addressed. We decided to put focus on this area in order to maximize efficiencies so we looked for a solution that involved technology”, said Gonsalves.

The Solution

The WHCI team conducted research and quickly found Whip Around’s software to fit their needs. “Whip Around was a no-brainer for us. I can look at how many drivers are completing the inspections, who is not completing them, if there are any issues reported I can track them on the Whip Around app instead of having to wait for calls or emails. It also helps that it is a very cost-effective solution.” As the manager who needs to have complete visibility into the whole operation, Olivia found that with Whip Around she could get access to her fleet’s operation in real time, all at the touch of a button. 

WHCI quickly realized additional benefits from implementing a digital fleet inspection solution with Whip Around. Olivia mentioned “we recently went through an audit with the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Once they saw that we had the eDIVR solution with Whip Around they loved it because they didn’t have to dig through hundreds of pages of paper to know that we’re compliant.” 

As drivers adopted the Whip Around app and started to more easily report defects, WHCI’s dispatch supervisor has been able to quickly look at them and ensure they are addressed. The app makes it easy to make sure that the fleet remains DOT compliant and all issues are addressed in a timely manner. Olivia also expects that as defects are addressed in a more timely fashion over time, her fleet costs will begin to improve as well. And in the end it all comes down to safety and keeping the trucks on the road as much as possible so WHCI’s customers can get their products on time. 

“Whip Around has been a big win for us and has helped me keep our drivers accountable. The drivers know that I can go in and check whether the inspections were completed or not. If I get a P.O. to approve for a truck repair and did not previously see that issue noted on the report, I’m going to have questions about. Whip Around helps me keep accountability in my team” said Olivia. 

Olivia estimates that by switching from paper inspections to electronic inspections and defect management with Whip Around, her and her team save at least 5-10 minutes per vehicle per day. With 15 trucks that need to be inspected daily, that is 1.5-2.5 extra hours of productivity per day that the team gets back.

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