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The Fleet Manager's Guide to Getting Team Buy-In For New Technology

Don’t let resistance to change hold back your fleet

There’s nothing like discovering a new digital tool with the potential to transform your business. But the real trick is getting everyone to rally around it. If it isn’t embraced and put to use, its effectiveness is reduced dramatically and you won’t experience all of its value. 

People struggle to adopt new technology for a variety of reasons:

  • Discomfort with change
  • Intimidation with new technology
  • Skepticism about its benefits
  • Prior bad experiences

Addressing these challenges is key to getting buy-in from everyone involved and our ebook will show you how to get it done. 

In it, you’ll use our adoption matrix to: 

  • Assess receptiveness to change across your organization 
  • Learn how to get leaders, peers, and direct reports on board by addressing their objections
  • Discover ways to implement changes that will stick

Don’t let resistance to change stop you from levelling up your fleet. Download your copy and turn your critics into advocates.

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