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The Next-Gen DVIR: Beyond Paper and ELDs

With the ELD mandate in place and technology advancing so rapidly, why is it that things like tires, lights, and cargo securement are still responsible for 45 percent of out-of-service vehicle violations according to the CVSA?

Truth be told, many fleet managers are either relying on DVIR functionality present in an ELD, or paper forms provided to drivers to conduct inspections. Here are a few common problems with one or both of these approaches:

  • Lost forms or illegible handwriting
  • Out-of-order inspection items that don’t make much sense during a walkaround
  • DVIR functionality that doesn’t work well, or is an afterthought for ELD makers
  • No photo proof of inspection items, or visibility into missed inspections for managers

The solution lies in a much more efficient and manageable solution: The next-gen DVIR app.

In this eBook, you’ll learn the benefits a modern DVIR app (eDVIR) offers, and why they are so essential for ensuring inspections are completed the way they should be. To stay compliant, you need tools to stay proactive if inspections are missed, or vehicles are due for maintenance.

You’ll walk away with 5 key reasons why the next-gen DVIR app is here to stay, and why implementing a digital vehicle inspections/maintenance app for drivers is easier than you may think.

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